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Art Specifications and Folders

NOTE: This is just a little side note from a co-founder, a very new one. I would just like to state that some of you might be sensitive towards the "adult content" group and think that this group is not for younger people. Well... That's why we have a specific folder so that you can enjoy the nelfs without risque interuptions! We hope nothing mature is out of that folder!

This group is for all fans of Night Elves to unite and share their interest in the race belonging to Blizzard Entertainment and to appreciate the artistry of dA members.

Below are the Specifications for the group's submissions...
Should your artwork be declined there is a perfectly reasonable explanation and you will be informed why.

:bulletpurple: Only submit art that features Night Elves and their origin (lore).
If the art is of a Night Elf we must be able to see that.

:bulletpurple: Please submit artwork to the correct folder as it helps us out tremendously! If there isn't a folder that you feel suits your artwork please inform us by leaving a comment and we will sort it for you.

:bulletpurple: Art by Blizzard's Illustrators must be submitted by them and them only as it is their time and talent that has gone into it.

:bulletpurple: We do not accept screencaps as they are not a form of art. Though we do accept edits using model viewer with a screencap as the background scenery.

:bulletpurple: Please submit ANY Artwork using Model Viewer edits to the folder 'Model Viewer Edits' 100% of the time UNLESS it involves Adult Content then please submit to 'Adult Content'

About The Folders:

Not necessarily a romantic couple but a pair of Night Elves, whether it be female and female, male and female, or male and male. They can be of relation in multiple ways such as brother and sister, sister and sister, mother and daughter (although very young night elven children will be under the 'Children' folder) or merely friends.

Any animal in relation to the Night Elven lore, such as Stags, Owls, Sabres and other animals you'd expect to find in their territory (playable zones as well). Druid forms primary submission folder is the Beasts folder. If a Night Elf is accompanied by a pet or companion please submit it to this folder.

The title itself is self-explanatory. All male Night Elves are to be submitted to this folder unless accompanied by another character; In which case please submit to 'Couples' or 'Night Elves and Others'. If they are accompanied by a pet or companion please submit it to 'Beasts' instead.

Again, the title is self-explanatory. All female Night Elves are to be submitted to this folder unless accompanied by another character; In which case please submit to 'Couples' or 'Night Elves and Others'. If they are accompanied by a pet or companion please submit it to 'Beasts' instead.

'Adult Content'
This folder is for any artwork considered nude, sexually explicit or bloody. If you have artwork with another race and a Night Elf together in such a manner then please submit it to this folder.

'Nelfs and Others'
Any race within the Warcraft lore and a Night Elf goes in this folder. That includes the opposing faction; The Horde and any independent factions throughout the world of Azeroth. We do not accept characters from other games with a Night Elf under this category nor in the group.

Any form of comics, whether it be hand drawn or digital, that features a Night Elf somewhere in the storyline may be submitted here. Do not submit anything else like doodles, pencil drawings or any of the above.

'Model Viewer Edits'
For those who aren't familiar with the name, WoW Model Viewer is a free programme of which you can view items, armor, races and much more through without having the game itself. However, it does run off patch files and needs to be updated occasionally. In regards to artwork; Should the models be edited in the slightest it goes in this folder.

Pencil drawings or digital 'doodles' of some sort go here.

We accept any photographs of fans dressed up as Night Elves, whether it features other characters or not. Moderately edited are allowed but not extremely.

Over two Night Elves allowed to whatever amount there may be in the image.

The younger generations of Night Elves ranging from babies to toddlers to young teens. Whether or not there is a parent or other young elves (or even other races) featured does not matter.

Any fan fiction is to be submitted here. It must contain a Night Elven character.

'Crafts and Misc'
Anything hand made, such as plushies, keyrings or even jewelry is to go in this folder.

'Line Art and WIP'
WIP means Work In Progress, thus unfinished artwork may go here along with Lineart.
Hello everyone,

I just want to apologize for any expired submissions over the past while.

Many of the moderators lead busy lives, and sometimes it falls on one moderator to mass approve a slew of submissions, and some of them sit there long enough to expire. If your submission expires, feel free to resubmit, and it will get put in the gallery! (eventually.)

Thank you all for all of your beautiful art work!

Elune Adore,
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